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Who we are and what we do


Requires all contractors to back their work with a 5-year workmanship warranty.


Monitors your project from start to finish, assisting with resolution should a problem arise.


 Le permite realizar un seguimiento de su proyecto en cada paso del camino.


When damage occurs, you need to get back to business quickly, and you need a trusted resource that’s at your disposal.

International Home Investment is different. When other services simply offer you a list of contractor options, International Home Investment provides you with a contractor carefully tailored to your needs, chosen from our network of expert contractors.

American Home Investments

Full credentials of all contractors in our network, including ensuring each has the proper licenses, insurance, and financial stability.

Requires a criminal background check for all contractors and their employees.

What American Home Investments does not do:

Sell your contact information to multiple companies,leave you with the hassle of excessive phone calls from multiple contractors,Walk away once the referral has been made, leaving you alone to navigate the process.

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